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Spoonful - Fathers Day Set

Fathers of Melbourne. When you are asked what you'd like for Fathers Day this year, tell them it's not socks and jocks! Tell them it's Spoonful. What better way to spend Fathers Day than with a lazy Sunday afternoon Spoonful rock n roll show at the Post Office Hotel to remind you you're alive. Dads, Spoonful can and will reinvigorate you, after those countless hours spent with your kids kicking the footy, rushing around with pick ups and drop offs, stepping on Lego in the dark, handing out notes from your wallet and needing to dig deep after a catch up with your Uni mates the night before. Yes people, make your dad feel special and join the tradition. Come and celebrate Fathers Day with Melbourne's own Spoonful, at the Post Office Hotel, Sydney Rd, Coburg.

Later Event: 5 September
20 Guilders