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Is there a Hotline // Secret Stains // Leafmatter

Don't be afraid!
Be warmed, rolled and syzygied by three of Melbourne's strongest performing seal troupes, who exist to protect you from yourself, for ***FREE*** on this occasion.
And it's extra exciting because it's (AKA Alice Warren) Leafmatter’s debut - starting 9pm sharp-ish...

Is There a Hotline?:
Avid 'flow' practitioners and DIY enthusiasts Jen Tait and Jen Callaway call out to the cosmos using an assemblage of percussive objects, electronica and voice, evoking transportive atmosphere, psychic storms and quiet retreats.

Secret Stains:
Brutal blossoming bass arouses cerebral catharsis as secret stains promenades the path towards her inner pop diva.

Leafmatter arose from what is left of New Zealand's wild landscapes, old gold towns, crooked lullabies and uncomfortable thoughts. Semi sung poetry over lilting and/or dirgey guitar.

Earlier Event: 21 July
Line Matter & Agus Batara Quartet
Later Event: 26 July
Spoonful "The Belated Reopening"