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Executive Zone // Centre Negative


Executive Zone is a tight-knit family of content creators hoping to #break the innovation industries of Australia. Our core philosophy is put into practice through the communication and promotion of like-minded, 'outside-the-box' ideas. Through the use of social media activism and radical self-love we hope to bring our message of personal empowerment and personal self-determination of the individual to all of our targeted wealth demographic.

After the release of a couple of singles, Executive Zone are taking their first voyage across the Tasman in July 2018, playing in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane. Supporting us are the likes of Orlando Furious, Bloody Hell, Den, Orion, LA Suffocated and Kitchen’s Floor.

Our personal revolution will NOT be Instagram live-streamed, so don’t miss out on the shows.


Centre Negative. An ever changing cast of riff fiends led by Sir Michael Mcclelland. Ideas come in and out of the set/song/moment long enough for one to declare "GENIUS!" . All the time acknowledging that melody is Queen of the colonial subject. A little too well re-searched and hungry for ideas for a conventional pop song, Centre Negative gives you hundreds of chances to enjoy yourself. It's time to kill existential arrogance. These are well crafted modern pop songs, chockablock with ideas and the pleasantries of punk noise." - Al Montfort, UV Race, Total Control

Earlier Event: 1 July
Andy Baylor and The Banksia band
Later Event: 6 July
Solid Effort