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Rua [`hua], is a Brazilian project comprised of Melbourne-Based Latin American, European and Australian musos. Rua belts out a down to earth mix of Brazilian styles, including - Samba, Bossa, Samba-Funk and Maracatu. The result is a blend of buoyant samba rhythms with the contemporary groove and bop of funk, that will undoubtedly get you dancing.

Rua is comprised of 5 musicians: Alcides Neto (Brazil) on guitar and vocals, Nico Delgado (Colombia) on electric-bass, Carlos Meza (Colombia) on drums, Sam Osbourne (Australia) on percussion and Ed Farrar (England) on trumpet.

'Rua' (street - in Portuguese) as a concept, can be understood as a common space, where everyone is free to come and go, a place to mingle, to express, to exchange ideas and debate, it is a democratic space and should remain that way. This a concept that the band aims to cultivate, a true form of socialising, where good vibes and dancing are intertwined with meaningful discussion of the things that matter.