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Effie's Fighting Pillow // Rogue Wavs

waiting for that next boutique synth you ordered from japan to arrive? gonna lay into that analogue lushness? or is the fm gonna make you bleep bloop? are you gonna have to go to jaycar and get one of those cheap power supplies that does the job in powering the synth but does it introduce noise? can i here a hum? i swear that's a hum at 60hz.

i suppose what i'm trying to say is if your waiting so patiently why not do it at the post office (hotel) where you can't miss the delivery man and then get that stupid blue card with code on it and the..... and theres live music there too.

featuring the sounds of:

effi's fighting pillow, synth pop stylings that nearly didn't see the light of day in favour of jazz fusion. probably for the best. a lovely blend of warbling 80's analogue synths, dank 3 part harmonies and a keen sense of style?

rogue wavs, lush 8bit pop songs with an unique introspective flare. complex and compelling."

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