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Superfeather returns to Post Office Hotel in Melbourne, 2018, as they head to Tasmania's DarkMofo that weekend.

Loudest under-the-raidar band to recently have come out of Brisbane/Melbourne, Superfeather is sounding ready to go over-the-radar. You could help the band's sustainability by coming to this FREE ENTRY show at the Post Office Hotel, where the food is great and drinks are probably great too (I don't drink, so what do I know?). We do our best to entertain and pleasantly surprise your musical curiosities. We now ask you to reach out to us on this day of Thursday 14th of June, 2018, to the northern end of the inner-city Sydney Road in Coburg. We will play two sets of well-seasoned contemporary rock n' roll for you and your kids to boogie. Kids seriously love this music. Hipsters love it even more although this is not a joy-contest.

Yk Ace - Ludwig drums
Jack Richardson - Ibanez guitar
Samuel Pankhurst - Fender electric bass
Ysk - Gibson guitar

Above companies should endorse this ensemble, really. Is it true that Gibson is in trouble now? It should be as its over-priced brand-new products have been subpar for decades now. Ysk plays vintage Gibson guitars. In fact, the whole band plays vintage instruments as vintage over new is the key to our global sustainable future. Recycle and reuse for all!

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