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Match Fixer // Correct Line

Andrew Cowie of Angel Eyes (Bedroom Suck, Not Not Fun) returns for a rare performance as Match Fixer (Nice Music, Altered States Tapes). His frantic tempos affectingly mimic the relentlessness of time passing in the modern age, unforgiving and mechanically moving forward despite the emotional distraction emanating from its core. Impossibly forlorn synth pads routinely stretch and warble into an oppressively thick smog and drain away from the cusp of overload when it's almost too much hurt to handle. The performance supports his recently released full length debut, ‘Rubble’.

Correct Line is an alias of Joshua Wells (Nerve / Hemlock Ladder / Priors). Correct Line has upcoming releases on Australian imprints Nice Music & Vienna Press, exploring downer power electronics and variations on techno and beyond.

Earlier Event: 15 April
The Hornets