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e4444e // Cooper Bowman

e4444e is a Newcastle based solo project, characterised by heady and idiosyncratic electronic based home recordings. Locally notorious for frenetic and unpredictable live shows, his music tiptoes the line between pure sound collage and 90s guitar rock. 

Drowzee is the collaboration between e4 and his best friend actadv, who spent their teenage nights with samplers, Youtube, Photoshop and synthesizers. The two found their own way of making music through free experimentation and hours of playing together, and the end result of their sessions can not be forecast. Their off-kilter blends of drone, house and plunderphonics are due to both their wide range of music taste, and the fact that they haven't found the quantise button yet.

Cooper Bowman has performed under various pseudonyms over the years; the improvised techno of Roman Nails (Beat Concern / Butter Sessions) and the industrial malaise of the now-defunct Kneeling Knave (Chondritic Sound) among them. Under his own name, he creates hastily assembled ambient and experimental vignettes utilising limited materials. 2017 saw him release (too) many tapes on Portals Editions (Berlin), Resistance Restraint (Melb), Nice Music (Melb) + his own long-running label, Altered States Tapes.

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