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Angus Lesile Solo (Sex on Toast) // Tiryan

Angus Leslie is the lead vocalist and songwriter of Melbourne band Sex on Toast. He has decided to strip things back to the bare minimum and play what some of us like to call a "solo gig."

He finds the idea terrifying so he thought "what the hell?"
Expect songs from Sex on Toast's vast catalogue, as well as versions of songs that have inspired him along the way. You'll hear music as diverse as Philly Soul, Melvins, Prince & Frank Zappa with generous helpings of asinine banter and possible heckling from close family and friends.

From as early as she can remember, Tiaryn has been deeply connected to the emotional power of song and the art of expressing the human experience. Her effortless stage presence and soaring voice gracefully combines pop, electronic, and soul elements. Along with her 4 piece band, Tiaryn has a unique and modern sound feature catchy synths, lush harmonies, dirty beats and compelling stories.