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Tim Coster // Waterfall Person

Free show :)

Waterfall Person is the solo project of Annabelle and her 20 magic keyboards.

Tim Coster, from Auckland, now currently living in Melbourne, performing textural keyboard music.


The thing i really like about Waterfall Person as well as her hit songs is her wonderful attitude. I can actually SENSE the fun she is having, even if she is feeling embarrassed. I like it when she really goes bananas and does unexpected dance moves. Plus she is really really cute, not in a twee way, but in a ballsy idgaf get out of my way way.
- Caroline Maria Anderson, cousin & fan

Waterfall Person is Annabelle and 1-20 keyboard friends depending on how many she has batteries for or can be bothered carrying to the rock show. she is a really cool sister and friend and I really like her music! have you heard her lyrics? they're about frogs and bread and sunsets, I love it! I've been to every show except two when I was sick so I stayed home and listened to waterfall person instead. ok i didn't really listen to waterfall person, i watched romantic comedies and ate toast in bed. I live with waterfall person and sometimes I hear her rehearsing or recording, it's great! I can give you a hot tip that she has some good songs that haven't been released yet so stay tuned!
- Alana, waterfall person's manager, sister and fan

Once about two years ago, it’s funny how time passes so quickly, me and some friends went up to the great barrier reef, my friend was a really good sailor, she had been sailing since she was a kid. Her dad used to be in Navy and taught her to sail so we headed up to the reef, sailed out, the boat slept six. She kept trying to convince us to sail with her to Fiji, she grew up there and would say, ‘it’s only a week to Fiji with good weather’, like this would finally be the news that would make us go, ‘oh yeah let’s go now’.
We spent our days drinking, cooking, drinking, snorkeling; we’d snorkel everyday and have a look down on the huge, beautiful reefs, hundreds of meters long, just us and the boat. I remember so vividly the sound of being submerged snorkeling out there, on the remote reef, with some two meter manta rays and nothing between us and Fiji.
This music reminds me so much of being underwater out there, heavy and alien noises came out of the blueness. It’s the sound of the weight of tons of water above you, just as dense, expansive and endless as the Indo-Pacific. The sounds resonate, echo and have the same dull surges of listening hard under water. This music reminds me of that warped sense of familiarity, of volume when you’re looking up at the surface; the sounds are passive as they are fragile and disorientating.
- by B.C., promo written for "Ocean Liner" tape (Albert's Basement, 2012)

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