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LoVision // Pillow Pro // Hnymlk

LoVision are the sound of humanity encased in the world of machinery. Like Billie Holiday if she had been born in the age of robotics they deliver the sounds of the heart as it is exposed to the strange realities of experience. Using a unique blend of noise, pop, post-punk, industrial, trip-hop and electronica combined with live video synthesized from the stage they create a transportative synesthetic experience. What they make is immersive and new.

Pillow Pro make sensual beats for the modern age. With all the luxuriousness of 3D printed satin and silk draped across the entry to the club they entice you in with steamy vapour-tinged alt-pop that is perfect for dancing, for pining, and for making love.

HnyMlk is the sweet smooth jazz laid over ethereal and experimental loops for the space lounge within.

A night of newness.

Earlier Event: 3 December
Later Event: 8 December
The Pink Tiles // W Special Guest