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BBQ Haque // NQR

BBQ Haque are equal parts Fraudband, Teeth & Tongue/ New Estate, Cougar Vox & the Irritations and an Exit Key. Spontaneously forming on a 'bad cooking day*' for Leaps & Bounds Festival’s “Little Bands” sold-out 2016 show, these ‘chefs’ have continued to privately ‘cook up’ their concepts of developing challenging new recipes via sound experiments, in between committments to their other musical endeavours... With the chuff of an epic snow season behind them, BBQ Haque (et Ze Briquettes) will be dipping into their creative spicerack for this limited Coburg engagement. Be part of this elite audience. Witness their seasonal culinary sonic adventures. It'll be hotter than a bhut jolokia!

NQR could be described as post-punk, art rock, existential noise or rock jazz fusion. Featuring Kristian Brenchley who sets the tone for the band on guitar, Denis Leadbeater on drums (both from s:bahn), Maureen Gearon (from Baby8) on bass and Ruth Mary McIver (from Cunting Daughters) on vocals. Watching them live, you might think you have NQR pegged at the first song, then comes the next and you’re wondering what the fuck just happened? That is NQR. Some might say there are hints of Steve Albini, Birthday Party, Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, These Immortal Souls and Life Without Buildings. There are some Patti Smith moments and nods to PJ Harvey. NQR has a level of intensity that is all their own. Whatever the hell it is you should check 'em out. You’ll be coming back for seconds.

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