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Dave Graney & the mistLY

Dave Graney & the mistLY play 2 sets from 4.30pm   FREE

Rock band. Two guitars, bass, drums and sometimes piano. Lots of vocals.

Seventies kinda sound. Post punk sensibility. Always well turned out.

Not very "indie". Neither "rootsy". Uptempo. Flash. Mouthy in a sly way.Occasionally sinister.

Dave always checks with Jim (Morrison) as to whether he's right or not...

Dave Graney and Clare Moore live and work out of Melbourne Australia. They played with the Moodists from 1978 to 1986. Then the White Buffaloes/Coral Snakes from 1987-1997. Then The Dave Graney Show, the Royal Dave Graney Show and Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist. Each time a band member left the name was changed slightly. Now there's a change even though no one has left. 

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