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Shores & Peter Ewing

Shores play from 8pm FREE

Shores is Alex Scott Douglas and Dave Reidy. With syrupy melodies curling around an expansive telecaster tone, this outfit is like a creaky boat, full of stories and revels in the drink.

Peter Ewing is a sleep deprived creature found at the doorstep of many local pubs around Melbourne. The viewer must be wary as this species of drunken rabble will lull its victim into a false sense of security, all the while awaiting an opportune time to strike. Peter's main arsenal consists of bullshit stories made up on the spot, all the while contradicting himself with honest melodies and lyrics. Being the fickle creature he is, it is advised that approaching him must be done with the utmost caution, unless of course you are armed with a cigarette, which of course, is a staple of his diet. Peter appears in band form and as a solo act providing the same disheveled yet, charming visual along with a raspy voice that some say has all the potential to graduate to call centre material. Peter's song writing philosophy is quite simple, as he writes about what he likes, what he hates, who he loves and the long list of people he wishes some form of harm upon. 

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