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The Stetson Family - Grand Final Day special

Grand Final Day special - The Stetson Family play 2 sets after the game   FREE

Melbourne’s band of knockabouts, The Stetson Family, are at the forefront of Australia’s progressive bluegrass scene. Their songs dig deep into the roots of bluegrass, folk and alt-country to deliver a fresh twist on a timeless sound.

The band formed when Nad bumped into John who happened to be working with Colin – the three of them not having all been in the same room together since being in an electro- pop band in the mid-80s. Having seen the film, O Brother Where Art Thou, Colin bought a banjo, which instantly became his obsession, and they all got back together and discovered their shared love of bluegrass and Americana roots music. Add Andy (My Friend the Chocolate Cake), John’s childhood friend from down in the valley, and Luke (Lamplight & SunWrae Ensemble), the guy who works in the hardware shop across the road from Nad – and so began their song writing once again, only this time the songs were for themselves and not for the pop-music market (not a synthesizer, electronic drum kit or mullet in sight!).

Their original songs cover the span of human emotions from joyous to heartbreaking and lovelorn, dark and dusty to downright tongue-in-cheek, with tales of love gone wrong, snake-handling preachers and wandering down life’s crooked highway.

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