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Cyndi Boste & Pete Fidler

Cyndi Boste wears her hero’s influences, and her heart, on her sleeve on her latest release ‘Nowadays’.

It’s been seven long years since her last album, the critically acclaimed ‘Foothill Dandy’.

Seven years of personal turmoil, loss, self doubt and a deep desire to just stop for awhile and take stock.

There were times when many, including Cyndi herself, wondered whether she would ever emerge from the wreckage of a long term relationship, the death of a close friend, and a seemingly terminal loss of self belief.

However, like all great artists, the black coal of life fuelled the crucible of creation and Cyndi began to write again. Her creations not just songs, but gems.

Cyndi seized on the crowd funding site ‘Pozible’ as a vehicle to fund the recording of this album. She wondered whether her fans had moved on in her long absence.

Sixty days and $18,000 later the verdict was in. Her fans had gone nowhere.

“Nowadays is positive reaffirmation of the road so far”. Nowadays is life as it’s lived, or at least as it should be. Dimensional, nuanced, reflective, optimistic, opinionated and passionate. It is also Boste at her most accessible.

Earlier Event: 19 October
Later Event: 24 October
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